Lembah Sari Lake

Bandar Khayangan Lembah Sari Lake is located in Rumbai sub-district and becomes one of recreation parks in Riau that much visited by tourists for family vacation.

At early begin , the local inhabitants known this lake as Danau Buatan or Artificial Lake; the lake that approximately has 16 hectares of its land was initially built to be used as a center for irrigation and serves to irrigate various agricultural land and farm in Pekanbaru.

The natural landscape around Lembah Sari lake becomes one of attractions that being offered by this lake, where there are many different types of trees that thrive around the lake, making the atmosphere around the lake shady and cool.

Lembah Sari lake has main hill where at the top of it there is an open building like a stage with no walls. This building is prepared for resting area while enjoying the sceneries and enjoying the nuance with friends.

In addition to the beautiful scenery that we can enjoy around the lake, other uniqueness is can also be seen from the occasional event that sometimes being held at this place. The activities were held is very interesting, including therowing boats racing competitions, barges boat racing, ducks racing, Islamic calligraphy exhibition, SMEs bazaar, as well as the competition among schools in Pekanbaru. During that events, there will be diverse traditional culinaries that we can enjoy around the lake, likeĀ  cendol rice, grilled fish on the leaves and more.

A shady and green atmosphere around the lake, the sound of chirping birds and the flows of the water around the lake is the things that you want to capture during your busy days at town.

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