Sejarah Perang Dunia II Museum in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan Province

Sejarah Perang Dunia II Museum would be a nice destination for those who love history. The location is in Tarakan City of North Kalimantan Province. To be exact, the museum resides in Kampung Empat Village and it belongs to East Tarakan Sub-District. For the information, it is located beside another famous museum called Sejarah Perminyakan. No wonder, tourists are able to enjoy two different attractions during the same time of visit. So, what can people do there? As the name suggests, “Sejarah” means history while “Perang Dunia II” means the WWII. The museum stores items and information that relate to that memorable event.

The Nuance
For the information, Sejarah Perang Dunia II Museum is located in the Islamic Center area. That means the accessibility is good and the nuance is serene. The only issue is related to the size of the facility, which is considered inferior to those of big cities. Despite the fact, it remains popular and has become the biggest one in North Kalimantan Province! Here is the consideration. The museum is crowded during weekends and holidays, so visitors must consider visiting on regular days.

Exploring Sejarah Perang Dunia II Museum
The presence of Sejarah Perang Dunia II Museum gains a positive appreciation among the locals. It is even considered the biggest in North Kalimantan Province! The local government has a big hope to it, as well. This way, future kids are able to learn and appreciate history while exploring this unique museum during their holidays with parents. As for tourists, they can also learn how Tarakan City passed through the hardship during the World War II. Visiting the museum gives them a distinct vacation experience, for sure.

Aside from displaying historical items and information related to World War II that occurred back then, tourists can also find other allures inside the museum. For example, there is a multimedia room! The keeper may play a historical movie and world war for visitors in that room. There is even a clip when the first president of Indonesia (Soekarno) mentioned Tarakan during his speech of the upheaval independence revolution. Thus, all tourists should not miss the chance to watch all those movies later.

When it comes to the popularity, the most attractive object that tourists may find in Sejarah Perang Dunia II Museum is an old official car during the Dutch reign. The good thing is tourists are allowed to take photos of the object and take selfies in front of it. The only prohibition is littering or making a fuss when exploring the museum!

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How to Get There
Those coming from Jakarta City may take around 1 day and 11 hours in order to reach Tanjung Selor City (the capital of North Kalimantan Province) by airplane. Once they arrive at Tanjung Selor, the next destination is Kayan Port where they can find a boat service to Tengkayu Port. The destination is definitely Tarakan Island. After arriving at Tengkayu, tourists can simply take Kusuma Bangsa Street and head to the museum right away. The distance is 6.6 km, so the trip may take about 15 minutes or less.

Where to Stay

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