Banjarmasin The Thousand River City


Banjarmasin is one of the Indonesia cities and the capital of South Kalimantan province. The original name of Banjar is Banjar-Masih, in 1664 in the Dutch wrote Banjarmasch.

Banzjarmasch then turn to be Bandjermassing/Bandjer Massing/Banjermassing/Bandjarmassingh, then Bandjermasin/Banjir Massin/Banjarmassin/Banjarmatsin/Bandjarmasin, in new spelling to be Banjarmasin.

Another name of Banjarmasin is Tatas, were taken from the name of the delta islands that make up the downtown area of Banjarmasin. This city is sometimes called as River City, for there are lots of river which flows in this area.

The local inhabitant who stay in Banjarmasin is mostly come from the Banjar people, others are Javanese, Dayak, Madurese, Sundanese and other minor ethnic.

Banjarmasin city is split by the river Martapura and influenced by the tides of Java, and therefore contributes to the drainage of the town and provide its own hallmark of public life, particularly the utilization of the river as a water transport infrastructure, tourism, fisheries and trade.

Date back to the history of the early begin of Banjarmasin, it was mentioned that Nan Serunai was an ancient kingdom in South Kalimantan, but soon it was replaced by Buddhist kingdom of Tanjungpuri.

In the 14th Century, Banjarmasin was part of the Hindu kingdom of Negara Dipa and Negara Daha the honor, a follower of Majapahit Kingdom. But Prince Samudera was finally converted become a Muslim in the 15th century, and changed his name to Sultan Suriansyah with the tittle of Panembahan Habang Batu. Following this, Banjarmasin was founded at the junction of the Barito and Martapura Rivers on September 24, 1526.

As the time follow, the Dutch was opened trade in Banjarmasin in 1606. The British controlled the city for several brief periods, and in 1787 it became a Dutch protectorate. Banjarmasin remained the region’s capital until the onset of the Banjarmasin War in 1860, when the Dutch headquarters were moved to Martapura.

Banjarmasin is the home of diversities, the culture within this city is rich. Moreover, the culinary is also vary. There are so many cuisines with particular taste are ready to be tasted. For instance, there are 41 wadai Banjar, or Banjar cake like Putri Selat, Amparan Tatak, Bingka Barandam and Kalalapon. Those cakes are sometimes served to be a dessert. while on main course there is, Ketupat Kandangan, Lontong, Babungku and the famous of Soto Banjar. There all yummy.

Banjarmasin is also have some destinations that very attractive to find out like the the famous floating market which become the unique destination in Banjarmasin. Others are, Sultan Suriansyah mosque, Sabilal Muhtadin great mosque, Martapura river, Maskot park and Agro tourism park.

The tourist who come to visit Banjarmasin can take river tour which started from Martapura river – Kuin river – Kuin creek – floating market – Kembang island – Barito river and back to Martapura river.

Floating up you holidays in Banjarmasin

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