Visiting Tarakan City in North Kalimantan Province

North Kalimantan Province is a beautiful region. Aside from nature, tourists are likely to visit it due to modern civilization. Well, Tanjung Selor (the capital) indeed becomes the center of attraction. However, the province has other recommended destinations for tourists. This includes Tarakan City! In order to reach Tarakan Island, though, tourists need to ride a boat and cross the sea. When it comes to the name, it derives from two words. “Tarak” means to meet and “Ngakan” means to eat. In a nutshell, Tarakan is a meeting place for resting and eating among local fishermen. As for tourist activities, people can visit beaches, meet the locals, enjoy traditional foods, and many more!

The Nuance
Tarakan Island has many unique landscapes. First, it is related to the downtown. Several big buildings and facilities beautify the city. That means tourists can feel a modern nuance if they explore the town center. For those who want to get closer to nature, in this case, they only need to visit beaches and other natural attractions including Tarakan Mangrove Forest. Here is another allure. Tarakan becomes a meeting place of three different estuary currents. These include Malinau, Sesayap, and Kayan River!

Exploring Tarakan City
The first thing that tourists can do in Tarakan City is shopping. The fact is Tarakan has become a city trade center due to the strategic location. Not to mention it resides near several countries like Malaysia and Singapore. No wonder, tourists can find many quality items. Many people even call it little Singapore! Why is that? Thanks to the clean environment and excellent education system. The next benefit is that tourists can explore the region easily. The transportation system is considered superb. Not to mention the accessibility is perfect.

It is true that Tarakan City lures lots of tourists over time. Aside from shopping, tourists can do other things there. It is as simple as relaxation. They may rent a hotel and spend a wonderful night either with families or a lover. The city has various types of hotels and accommodations, after all. Next, it is related to culture. The variety runs in harmony. People who live in Tarakan conduct different arts and culture performances regardless of the tribe and religion, in fact.

The next allure in Tarakan City is the richness in local wisdom or values. During the visit, therefore, tourists can learn a little bit about those. For better information, though, they should take advantage of the help of a local guide. This service helps tourists to find some local villages and watch traditional ceremonies directly.

Nearby Attractions

  • “99” Monument

How to Get There
The best way to get to Tarakan City is by airplane. From Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), for example, the flight may take around 1 day and 11 hours. This long flight may take some time, so tourists need to have a good stamina and enough supplies when heading to Tarakan. After arriving at Tanjung Harapan Airport in Tanjung Selor City, tourists can simply head to Tarakan Island by boat. The voyage from Kayan Port to Tengkayu Port takes about 5 hours, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Citra Hotel
  • Mutiara Hotel
  • Surya Golden Hotel

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