Gathering at Wonosobo Square, Central Java Province

The fact is almost all cities in Java Island own a square, on which citizens can relax and gather with others. Wonosobo City is not the exception as it comes with a nice square or “Alun-Alun”. It is, in fact, one of the best fields in Java, becoming the heart of the city and a place to do recreation. The location is in Pemuda Street and it is quite crowded in the afternoon, especially at 3 pm. The locals often come to the area after work, as well. Not to mention the lots of visitors come during weekends and holidays.

The Nuance
There are different access points to enter the square, including the south and north side of the field. The north part of the field, though, is famous for its snacks and food vendors. Tourists can enjoy delicious local specialties like mushroom skewers, ongklok noodle, and durian ice. In the south part of the square, on the other hand, is popular for its fun facilities like otopets and tandem bikes. Visitors can rent them cheaply and use them to get around the square. The other facilities are also available there including a mosque, jogging track, lush trees, and beautiful views of Sumbing and SIndoro Mountain.

Exploring Wonosobo Square
It is true a square becomes the icon of the city. It also becomes the heart of that town as well as a place to relax. So, what makes Wonosobo Square different? The most recognizable one is its location, which offers a refreshing air of a highland. Even it feels so comfortable at noon! Despite the fact, people come to the square regardless of the time. It is because the site is perfect for various types of fun activities, either sports or relaxation. Even some people are seen at night, spending quality time with their friends or families.

Jogging is also popular in Wonosobo Square, especially in the morning. As mentioned before, there is a jogging track so everyone can use it to do such popular sports activity. For those who come with kids, they can rent a tandem bike or an otopet as well. “Odong-Odong” (kids fun rides). Sometimes, there are several kids toys sellers on the site. That means parents should not come to the square without any cash. They are going to use to buy foods, rent facilities, and buy toys after all.

Apart from coming in the morning and afternoon, people also often come at night. They want to enjoy serene nuance of the night and experience the cold atmosphere of Wonosobo City. The best culinary to enjoy at night in the square is called Serabi. Some old ladies often stand by in the site and cook their snacks using traditional cooking utensils called “anglo”. Serabi tastes sweet and has a soft texture, so everyone should love it.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Menjer Lake
  • Sindoro Posong Hill

How to Get There
From Mendolo Bus Station in Wonosobo City, travelers can directly head to the square. The distance is only 4 km and it takes about 10 minutes to reach the site. The fastest route to reach the location is Raya Parakan – Wonosobo Street.

Where to Stay

  • Kresna Hotel
  • Arjuna Hotel
  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Widuri Hotel

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