Sikarim Waterfall in Mlandi Village, Wonosobo District

Sikarim Waterfall completes everyone’s needs when it comes to a vacation in Dieng Plateau. Regarded as beautiful and serene tourist spot, the waterfall is suitable for relaxation and sightseeing. Even though it takes some time to reach the site, the effort is quite rewarding. It even features wasabi plantation, local settlement, and hill views. No wonder, most of the people who come to Sikarim decide to do photography and explore the area. Also, the falls remain popular despite lacking facilities. That means visitors are quite impressed with the nature that surrounds the waterfall.

The Nuance
Sikarim Waterfall has the height of 24 meters and it features a rocky landscape. Next, tourists might see lots of interesting plants and shrubs. Not to mention there is a majestic background in the horizon, which is Sikunir Mountain. With those features, it is likely all visitors may spend hours in the location, enjoying its beauty and relaxing. Some of them even would take some pictures using their camera. Sikarim provides everything they need including flawless nature and fresh air, after all. Even families can come with their kids to introduce nature attraction to them.

Exploring Sikarim Waterfall
The wild and challenging nature welcomes everyone when reaching Sikarim Waterfall. It is because there is a path to conquer before arriving at the falls. The start point is in Mlandi Village, where tourists can prepare prior to trekking. As for the tip, it is better not to use a car as the track is a bit difficult. Riding a motorcycle is allowed but it may cost more money. The best idea is that they must hire a local guide who knows the most efficient way to reach the site. He even helps tourists to carry items or belongings!

All the way to Sikarim Waterfall, everyone can enjoy beautiful hill views and local farms (the main features of the area). At that moment, it becomes the best opportunity to take some pictures of the surrounding. The fact is that some local farmers are also seen nearby, which also become a good object to capture. They do their work as a farmer and even wave at tourists sometimes. Another unique attraction is the presence of Bajang Dieng (local kids with dreadlocks). Their cheerfulness is second to none.

It takes about an hour to reach Sikarim Waterfall from Mlandi Village. Once tourists reach the site, they can see a mesmerizing and refreshing waterfall with a majestic hill in the back. Some trees and bushes also cover the location, creating a comfortable nuance. Once they enjoy good times on the site, they can visit a nearby village called Sembungan. There is a spot to witness the beautiful sunrise, located in that village.

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How to Get There
Sikarim Waterfall is located in Kejajar Sub-district. From Wonosobo City, travelers only need to go north for about 20 km. Once they reach Garung Sub-district, they need to turn left for about 3 km and head to Mlandi village. Another trip may need an ojek (local motorcycle taxi) too.

Where to Stay

  • Arjuna 2 Hotel
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Hotel
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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