Sirawe Waterfall in Kepakisan Village, Banjarnegara District

Not all people are aware of the beauty of Sirawe Waterfall. Such stunning curug is located in Kepakisan Village, Banjarnegara. It also becomes a recommended vacation destination for those who are visiting Dieng Plateau. Despite the fact that it is not an official tourist spot, some tourists choose Sirawe as a good location for an adventure. Thanks to the presence of wild nature and refreshing nuance. In other words, visitors can get closer to nature and enjoy that breathtaking falls at the same time. Somehow, it is a good location to find peace and eradicate stresses as well.

The Nuance
The height of Sirawe Waterfall is approximately 80 meters. Below it, there is a small natural pond, on which tourists can get in. It is suitable for swimming and playing water, after all. Moreover, some plants and trees grow abundantly in that site, providing a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Even the air feels so great! All of those features become a perfect object for photography, as well. Thus, no one should forget to carry a camera when visiting Sirawe. It would be an amazing experience for sure. Kids are allowed to get in the water as long as their parents get in too.

Exploring Sirawe Waterfall
The best thing to do in Sirawe Waterfall is definitely getting in the pond. Thanks to the refreshing water (a combination of cold and warm water). It feels like all the burdens and stresses are gone instantly. Though, there is an important precaution. Many sharp stones are scattered on that site and they become an issue for visitors. Without a careful manner, someone might get hurt by them. Also, the landscape is a bit slippery due to the presence of moss. What people need to do is to walk carefully when exploring the site.

Apart from playing water, people have other reasons for visiting Sirawe. For example, they want to experience a trekking. No wonder, everyone must pass through a challenging route all the way to the waterfall. The path is surrounded by lush plants and some difficult obstacles! Despite the fact, some people consider it fun. The trekking takes about 30-40 minutes and it is going to end when tourists hear the sound of the water splash. That means they are about to reach the site. As for the tip, wearing comfortable shoes is quite recommended.

The fact is that visitors have two options of routes to reach the falls. The tour guide may choose it for them, depending on the stamina and weather. Either way, everyone can enjoy such fun trip. Once they reach the site, an unspoiled beauty of nature and majestic falls await them. This new kind of experience is something everyone should not miss when coming to Dieng. That’s for sure.

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How to Get There
From Wonosobo City, the trip takes about 1-2 hours to Banjarnegara District. To be exact, the destination is Kepakisan Village and the distance is approximately 30 km from Wonosobo. As for the best route, travelers can take Dieng Raya Street.

Where to Stay

  • Gunung Mas Hotel
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Dahlia Homestay

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