Seroja Valley in Menjer Village, Wonosobo District

Almost all travelers have heard about Dieng. What can tourists do in Dieng Plateau? That is the question. The fact is that many options of tourist spots are available to visit, especially nature attractions. There is Seroja Valley in Menjer Village, for example. This hidden location offers natural beauty and stunning views of Dieng Mountains like Bisma and Sindoro. Not to mention visitors can enjoy mesmerizing local farms, Menjer Lake, and village nuance from the location. This explains why the valley becomes a perfect site to do sightseeing and photography – activities that everyone likes.

The Nuance
Reaching the top of Seroja Valley is indeed tiring, but it is a worthy effort. The trip takes about 3 km, actually. Along the way to the location, travelers can enjoy breathtaking nature views mentioned above. The most famous one is definitely Menjer Lake! That stunning creek looks so charming and relaxing as if it eradicates everyone’s tiredness during trekking. Apart from the lake, tourists may pass through a footpath surrounded by majestic local farms. The nuance even feels better and more comfortable in the morning so it is considered the best time to visit Seroja.

Exploring Seroja Valley
As mentioned before, tourists should visit Seroja Valley in the morning, when the atmosphere is better and the air is fresher. Even all the plants and trees are covered by dew! On top of that, the sunrise appears the best at that time, coming out from the back of Sindoro Mountain (the major background of the area). Don’t forget about the presence of Love Lake or Menjer Lake that offers its calming water. With all the attractions, trekking to the valley won’t feel tiring at all as tourists are going to be mesmerized by those views.

Once tourists reach the location, tourists are allowed to do anything especially photography and sightseeing. What’s more? Some people even come to Seroja to do camping! It is because there is a special area that is used to build tents and to camp comfortably. The views of Sindoro Mountain and Menjer Lake are not the only attractions because visitors can also enjoy beautiful song birds and other wild animals’ voices. It doesn’t have to be camping, after all. Tourists can also simply relax in the area and go back before dusk.

Seroja Valley is covered by dense trees and a forest. It is the home of wild birds and local insects! No wonder their voices and songs are heard in the location. Sometimes, the birds come out from their habitat and fly near to visitors! That is a rare event, though. Another attraction is the presence of butterflies flying around near to local farms. Their color is various and astonishing! The thing is they only come out during their migration session so tourists won’t be able to witness them anytime.

Nearby Attractions

  • Menjer Lake
  • Sikudi Mountain
  • Sindoro Mountain
  • Tambi Tourist Spot

How to Get There
Seroja Valley is located in Menjer Village and it belongs to Garung Sub-District. From Wonosobo City, the trip may take 30 minutes and the distance is 12 km. Once they arrive at the trekking path, it takes more minutes to reach the valley.

Where to Stay

  • Kresna Hotel
  • Cra Hotel and Resto
  • Nirwana Hotel

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