Upas Dew Phenomenon in Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo

A holiday in Dieng Plateau is worth of thousands of experiences. The reason is none other than the unlimited choices of nature attractions, which are scattered all over the area. Apart from those tourist spots, there is a unique phenomenon and happens only in Dieng called Upas Dew! The locals call it “Embun Upas”, actually. It happens when the temperature goes below zero degrees Celcius and the dew turns into ice crystals in the morning. All of the fields and farms look white, covered by those ices. Even though it becomes a threat to farming, tourists consider it beautiful and unique.

The Nuance
It is not easy to witness Upas Dew phenomenon because tourists must spend a night in Dieng and wake up early in the morning. Usually, the frozen dew is formed at night when the temperature is quite low. It happens all year especially between July and September because of the low degree of the environment. Local farmers even call it the poisonous dew! It is not because of the presence of poison, but it has the ability to kill the crops. The reason is simple that plants cannot live in an environment under 0 degree Celcius.

Exploring Upas Dew Phenomenon
Even though Upas Dew is a bad thing for local farmers, it becomes quite an attraction for tourists. Also, people keep coming to Dieng Plateau in order to witness the phenomenon directly. Apart from sightseeing, they would take some pictures of that dew using their camera. The thing is they must come at the right time, guided by the locals. As for the tip, it is better to hire a tour guide who knows exactly about it. That person even may tell about the other names of it like trotol, ngulun, lodoh, and its scientific term “downy mildew”.

The common sign of the formation of Upas Dew is the temperature at noon, which is about 22-23 degrees Celcius. At night, it goes down significantly to -5 degrees Celcius. The fog turns into dew when reaching the ground. Instead of water, it turns into ice crystals due to the low temperature of the environment. In the morning, the fields and other landscapes may turn white, covered by ice crystals. It is indeed a bad event for farmers as their plants can’t grow in that condition.

Today, Upas Dew has become a signature attraction in Dieng and nearby area. No wonder, visitors include it in their vacation list. No other regions offer such kind of phenomenon after all. As long as people come at the right time and with a local guide, they have a high chance to witness it. Don’t forget to wear a comfortable jacket and carry a good camera. These things are primary.

Nearby Attractions

  • Wonosobo City
  • Sindoro Mountain
  • Sikidang Crater
  • Sikunir Hill

How to Get There
The best location to see Upas Dew is in Dieng Plateau. From Wonosobo, the trip may take about 29.6 km (2 hours). As mentioned before, the best way to experience such phenomenon is by hiring a local guide who knows the exact location and the best time to hunt it.

Where to Stay

  • Dieng Inn
  • Arjuna 2 Homestay
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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