Curug Winong in Winongsari Village, Wonosobo District

No one should overlook beautiful waterfalls that reside in Dieng Plateau. The locals call those sites “curug”, actually. One of the best options to visit is located in Winongsari Village and the name is Winong Waterfall. It belongs to Wonosobo District, so all visitors who conduct a holiday in Dieng must never miss it. Located in a small forest, Curug Winong offers stunning water and calming nuance. It is true the falls reside in the midst of the forest, but it features an easy access. Visitors can even see pine trees all the way to the site.

The Nuance
There is a locket stand in the gate of the site. That means tourists must pay some fee in order to enter the location. There is even a parking area, so visitors can park their vehicle comfortably there. One thing, the fees might go up during holidays and weekends. The distance between the gate and the waterfall is about 500 meters. It takes a bit trekking to reach the site for about 15-20 minutes. It is not tiring at all, especially because of the presence of stunning landscape. Winong Waterfall has the height of 70 meters and it features a tilted landscape.

Exploring Curug Winong
Winong Waterfall has a unique characteristic, which is its slanting landscape. Due to this uniqueness, most visitors want to climb up to the top as it is considered safe and easy. Another important feature is called Watu Kelir – three big stones residing near to the falls. One of them is located exactly under the waterfall, while the others reside side by side near to the first stone. They also become an interesting object for photography among the tourists. Some of the visitors prefer to reach and stand on them than any kind of activities, though.

The plus point is related to its facilities. It is true Curug Winong is located in a secluded area, but there have been good facilities like toilets and local vendors. In other words, visitors can buy snacks and drinks at the location cheaply. The fact is they can bargain if they can talk a bit Bahasa Indonesia. The local sellers are quite friendly, after all. Moreover, some of them would be a guide for tourists. Have no worries. Their rate is affordable for everyone.

As for the tips, everyone must have prepared some money beforehand. They might need it to pay the ticket and buy some foods or drinks later. Not to mention they may also need it to rent a room and pay for transportation service. In fact, hiring a local guide is required for those who have never been in Curug Winong.

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How to Get There
In order to reach Winongsari Village, travelers need to spend about 1-hour riding either using a local minibus or a car from Wonosobo Square. They may pass several checkpoints like Balaikambang and Solomerto prior to reaching Winongsari. The route is a bit complicated but is quite fun.

Where to Stay

  • Pison Hotel
  • Sokanandi Hotel
  • Gading Rejo Hotel

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