Mandalika Island

Mandalika is a small beautiful island that located in Java Sea. It located straight in front of Portuguese fort beach, which about 2 Km from Donorejo village, Donorejo sub district, Jepara, Central Java. The location is near bordered with Pati regency, and it close to Muria mountains in the north.

Mandalika is such a beautiful and worth visit island. To reach this island is easy, we can use fisherman boat for half an hour. During the trip, we can see the magnificent sightseeing of Java island, with Pendowo Limo mountain and the sparkling of blue water.

This island is uninhabited, with only 1 operator or light house keeper on duty. There is a forest over the island that still considered virgin. Hence, it makes this island like a conservative island. The beach is steep and rocky, the depth of the water is not suitable for swimming, but for those who like fishing this is the ideal place to do so.

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