Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark in Batur Sub-District, Banjarnegara

Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark is a tourist spot that many people are not aware of. It is because the majority of tourists are likely to visit temples, lakes, craters, and other nature attractions in Dieng Plateau. Well, the waterpark can be a good alternative for them. It is located in Kepakisan Village and belongs to Batur Sub-District. The source of the water comes from the famous fountain called Sileri and the best thing is that it resides in 2000 meters above the sea level, offering a cool and peaceful nuance. Not to mention it features warm and comfortable water, stored in several ponds which are suitable for both adults and kids.

The Nuance
Surrounded by nature, Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark never fails to amuse visitors. That means tourists can enjoy playing in the water with their family and witness beautiful scenery at the same time. The concept is to combine fun place to play water and enjoy the nature. In fact, visitors can see local farmers from that location.  One thing, there is some fee to enter the site but it is considered affordable. There is also the parking area, which also costs some money.

Exploring Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark
What can be found there? The main feature is definitely the pools. There are three of them, offering different charms to tourists. The first one is suitable for kids as it features numerous fun attractions like water slides, spilling water bucket, etc. The second pool is suitable for adults, which are deeper than the first one. The depth is about 150 cm and it becomes a perfect facility to enjoy swimming. Another pool is used for therapy but it is smaller than the others. This one is quite popular among the elders.

Apart from the pools, Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark features a small canteen or eatery. Despite the small size, the foods and drinks are quite satisfying. Usually, people buy a cup of coffee and instant noodle soup after playing in the water. The canteen even plays some easy listening songs sometimes. Thus, the nuance becomes more festive and fun. Another important facility is indeed the bathroom/toilet, on which tourists can use for changing clothes. The environment is quite clean either, so everyone can feel comfortable there.

Near to the parking lot, there is a special facility to do outbound. It features flying fox and other interesting facilities to enjoy. The waterpark even provides some medical staff, which is always ready for any emergency. Not to mention some local vendors promote their products to any visitors in a cheap price. With all these features, Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark seems perfect for those who look for a different experience when visiting Dieng Plateau. It is a recommended place to conduct a family vacation as well.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Dieng Plateau
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How to Get There
Dqiano Hotspring Waterpark belongs to Banjarnegara District. That means travelers need to spend about 2 hours to get to the site from Wonosobo City. To be exact, the destination is Batur-Sub-District. Tourists can take Dieng Raya Street to get there, which is considered the fastest route.

Where to Stay

  • Gunung Mas Hotel
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Dahlia Homestay

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