Merawu Waterfall in Giri Tirto Village, Wonosobo District

Visiting local waterfalls is a great alternative when exploring a beautiful region like Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo District. One of them resides in Giri Tirto Village, which is called Merawu. The locals also call it by its location – Giri Tirto Falls. The fact is there are three of them located in the same area. The most noticeable one resides near to the roadside, having the height of about 72 meters. The others are located near to it, offering a special feature like hot spring. Due to the fact, the site often becomes a place to take a bath either for tourists or the locals.

The Nuance
Some people are not likely to aware of the presence of other falls apart from the one that resides near to the roadside of Giri Tirto Village. 2 other waterfalls are located about 300 meters from that location, in fact. Both of the emit hot water, which is quite unique. One of them is considered the highest as well, having the height of 90 meters. Have no worries. Visitors only need to walk for about 8-10 minutes to reach those falls. That location is also surrounded by dense nature like trees, local farms, and bushes. On top of that, tourists are able to get in the pond and enjoy its warm water.

Exploring Merawu Waterfall
Merawu Falls is a recommended nature attraction for those coming to Wonosobo City and Dieng Plateau. With a strategic location and beautiful landscape, Giri Tirto Village should be proud of its waterfalls. Even many kinds of tourist activities can be done there, including relaxation, taking a bath, and photography. For those coming for bathing, however, they must find the right spot to get in the water. The reason is most of the part of the pond contains sulfur, which causes discomfort to the body. The best idea is to come with a local guide, someone who knows the site well.

Apart from taking a bath in Merawu Waterfall, visitors can do other activities as well. Those who love photography can explore several parts of the site and take good pictures of them. The best object is definitely the tallest falls that reside a bit further than the first one. It requires some trekking, but it won’t be a wasteful effort for sure. Once tourists reach the location, they would be amazed by those two majestic falls. The water is not quite hot because it has been mixed with the fresh water coming from the Merawu Waterfall. One thing, everyone should take care of the environment well. Those who carry foods or drinks are allowed to enjoy them, as long as they take care of the trash later. No one is allowed to spoil the beauty of the site.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The prime destination is Giri Tirto Village, which resides about 23 km from Arjuna Temple Complex. Both cars and motorcycles are able to access the location, in fact. Once tourists reach the site, they can simply park their vehicle in any available spot. Next, they need to do small trekking to reach to the falls.

Where to Stay

  • Sokanandi Hotel
  • Kresna Hotel
  • Gunung Mas Hotel
  • Arjuna 2 Homestay

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