Liyangan Site – A Historical Legacy of Mataram Kingdom

Coming for a vacation in Dieng Plateau is a good idea. Not only it provides attractive nature attractions, but it also has several historical sites including Liyangan. It is the legacy of Mataram Kingdom, found by local miners. Located in near to Sindoro Slope (within Temanggung City), the site has been recommended by the locals as the perfect place to learn the history of the local kingdom. Today, it also becomes a place for sightseeing. It is even included in the list of top vacation spots in Dieng Plateau and surrounding. Not to mention the location is on a highland, offering refreshing and comfortable air.

The Nuance
It is said Liyangan Site has the size of 10 hectares and it resides on 1080 meters above the sea level. In the location, visitors can see several historical items including hundreds of jars, several traditional weapons, and farming tools. The fact is there are also some reminiscences of grains, covered by the ashes of the Sindoro’s explosion back then. In terms of nuance, it is a little bit plain, featuring several trees and plants located near to the site. Though, the temperature is quite comfortable as it resides on a slope of a famous mountain – Sindoro.

Exploring Liyangan Site
The prime lure of Liyangan is definitely its history. As mentioned before, it is the heritage of Mataram Kingdom during the ancient Mataram Era. The experts even have approved the fact and the government has been doing excavation since then. No wonder, tourists are able to witness historical items and structures on that site. Some villagers and tourists also call it Liyangan Temple despite lacking the actual temple structure. The thing is no facilities are available there, so tourists must have prepared everything including a camera, snacks, water bottled, etc. In order to learn the history and information regarding the site, they can take advantage of the help of a tour guide.

Apart from learning the history of Liyangan Site, visitors can do other fun activities, especially photography. Many beautiful unique objects are available there, after all. Even the site is suitable for taking a selca. Next, visitors can enjoy nature scenery on the site. The reason is none other than its strategic location, which is situated on a highland and surrounded by breathtaking nature scenery. From that area, tourists can also witness the majestic mountain called Sindoro.

Another interesting activity to do in Liyangan Site is to visit a nearby pond called “Kolam Cinta” (Love Pond). As the name suggests, it has the shape of a heart. The fact is there are three of them, featuring different depth (ranging from a half to 1 meter). That means kids are allowed to get in the water and play there. The quality of the water is quite excellent as it comes from a fountain located in Sindoro Mountain.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tambi Tea Plantation
  • Sindoro Posong Nature Park
  • Sikunir Hill

How to Get There
Liyangan Site is located near to Sindoro Mountain, which is accessible either from Wonosobo or Temanggung. For those coming from Temanggung, the trip takes about 50 minutes by local transportation service. Once they reach Geseng Monument, they need to hire an ojek (local motorbike service) and head to the site right away.

Where to Stay

  • Kledung Pass Hotel
  • Tirta Arum Hotel
  • Kresna Hotel

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