Lubang Sewu in Wadaslintang Sub-District, Wonosobo

Many types of nature attractions are available in Dieng Plateau, either in Wonosobo or Banjarnegara District. For those coming to Wonosobo, they must visit a famous village called Wadaslintang. It is not only known for its majestic lake, but it also offers a stunning tourist spot called Lubang Sewu. Lubang means “holes” and Sewu means “a thousand”. The site features many rocks and limestone that reside near to a lake. The location is in Erorejo Village and it has been chosen as a recommended spot for photography and relaxation. Some people even conduct a pre-wedding photo session there.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the site features mostly limestone and several rocks (having different shapes and sizes). Not to mention their color is quite exotic. Due to their presence, the place looks unique and beautiful – appearing like having thousands of holes in it. No wonder, most of the visitors come to the location to do photography and capture such unique landscape using their camera. The fact is Lubang Sewu is not an official tourist spot, but it has been attracting many visitors over time.

Exploring Lubang Sewu
It is true that Lubang Sewu is considered a new vacation destination in Wonosobo. It even has an excellent popularity among tourists. The problem is visitors must come to the site at the right time. It is because the local lake may flood the site, especially during heavy rain. Thus, the best time to visit the site is during summer, when the rainfall is low. Also, lots of visitors come to the site during holidays. That means it can be quite uncomfortable for some people, as they don’t have the chance to find the good spot for photography.

The right time to come to Lubang Sewu is between August and September when the weather is nice with less rain. Aside from photography, visitors can do many things there. These include an exploration, getting around the site and the nearby lake. For those who want to fish, they must carry a fishing rod and other necessary equipment. The fun thing is that the site resides next to Wadas Lake, which is the most famous tourist spot in Wadaslintang Village. That means visitors can enjoy two attractive vacation destinations in one go!

After getting around in Lubang Sewu and Wadas Lake, the next activity is to visit a nearby village and try its local foods. The best culinary that everyone can enjoy is called Ongklok Noodle. It combines delicious yellow noodle with peanut sauce and chicken skewer. No one can deny its delicious and soft texture of the noodle. On top of that, tourists can drink warm local tea and eat some signature snack called Dieng peanuts.

Nearby Attractions

  • Wadas Lake
  • Wage Market
  • Cindai Mas Camp Site

How to Get There
In order to reach Lubang Sewu, travelers can start from Sawangan Bus Station in Wonosobo City. Next, they need to take a route to Wadaslintang Sub-District, which costs about 45 minutes. Once they reach Wadaslintang Market, they may continue the trip and head to Erorejo Village. It takes 15 minutes to reach the site from there.

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