Klaten is the capital of regency, which thrives on the sugar industry. Klaten Regency occupies an area of 655,56 square kilometers and consists of 26 districts and more than 401 villages. Many pilgrims visit the grave of Sunan Bayat (one of the nine early Islamic preachers). In Klaten there is also the Sugar Museum, which is much visited by the people of Klaten Regency and its surroundings. Klaten was chosen as a manufacturing site because it is a traditional center for woodcarving and craftsmanship. The royal courts of Solo and Jogjakarta employed the forebears of some of the skilled workers at Alis Jaya in Dutch colonial times when artistic patronage by rulers was a vital part of local culture.

In Jatinom, the traditional ceremony of Sebaran Apem Yaqowiyu(Yaqowiyu Ceremony) is held each year. Rice-flour cakes are given out to the people. There is the grave of a poet of the Solo royal palace, Ronggo Warsito, and a resort called Rowo Jombar, about twenty-three kilometers from Solo toward the northwest.

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