Jalatunda Well in Pekasiran Village, Banjarnegara District

A beautiful plateau lies before everyone’s eyes when they visit Dieng. It features tons of interesting and beautiful spots to explore, as well. For instance, there is Jalatunda Well in Banjarnegara District. It belongs to Pekasiran Village and was formed due to a volcanic eruption back then. Apart from being a nature tourist spot, the well also offers interesting local mysteries – one of the reasons why tourists come to the location. The name Jalatunda represents the place where Antaboga and Antareja lives, which is based on local’s shadow puppet story.

The Nuance
The distance between Jalatunda Well and Dieng Plateau is about 7 km, so it is quite reachable. On the site, the views are calming surrounded by lush nature and fresh air. There are even some useful facilities like toilets, parking area, watching post, shelter, and local vendors. The well has the depth of 750 meters, but no one can confirm it. Some locals even say it is more than that. What they can be sure of is the cause of the formation of the well, which was caused by a great eruption that happened thousands of years ago.

Exploring Jalatunda Well
One of the attractions of the well is its local myth. The rumor says people who are able to throw a stone and reach the tip of the well would get their wishes granted. Not all visitors believe in such myth, though. Still, almost all of them would give it a try when visiting the well. It is a fun activity, after all. Another interesting myth is related to the stairs. It is said the number of the stairs may change mysteriously when people count them more than once.

Being an old and mysterious well makes Jalatunda popular as the time goes by. It is located in 2000 meters above the sea level, which means the nuance is quite fresh and comfortable. Apart from learning myths that are attached to the well, visitors are able to enjoy a peaceful and comforting atmosphere there. It even becomes a good place to find peace and relaxation. Even some people come to the site because they have the chance to do a small trekking and photography. What they need are comfortable footwear and jacket.

Jalatunda Well becomes a good place to spend a vacation, especially for those who visit Banjarnegara and Wonosobo District. It is true Dieng offers an unlimited option of vacation destinations, but Jalatunda should be in the prime list. Visitors can do many things there, including sightseeing, learning local myths, photography, relaxation, and much more. Due to its location, the well becomes a destination for trekking as well.

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How to Get There
It is easy to reach the well, especially from Wonosobo. The distance between Wonosobo City and Pekasiran Village is 32.4 km. That means the trip may take about 1 hour, depending on the vehicle and traffic. Not to mention it requires a bit trekking to reach Jalatunda Well. The location is a little bit concealed, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Larasati Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Homestay
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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