Jaran Resi Kendaliseto Cave in Kejajar Sub-District, Wonosobo

Apart from enjoying Dieng Culture Festival and visitor some historical sites, people can do many other things in Dieng Plateau. For instance, they can conduct a pilgrimage tour to sacred caves located near to Warna Lake. One of them is called Jaran Resi Kendaliseto Cave, which often becomes a place for meditation. Jaran means “horse” and Resi Kendaliseto is the name of a famous person in the past. The local story has it. The horse was female and it took a rest inside the cave. In the next morning, it got pregnant mysteriously. No wonder, Jaran Cave has become a symbol of fertility. The locals often come to the site to pray for offspring, in fact.

The Nuance
Today, even tourists recognize Jaran Lake as a symbol of fertility. Not to mention the local government has built a statue of a woman carrying flowers, which resides in front of the mouth of the cave. There is a crucial rule, though. Virgin women are not allowed to enter the cave. The locals say some magical power may cause a pregnancy to those women. Even though not all people believe in such myth, it is better to give some respect to it.

Exploring Jaran Resi Kendaliseto Cave
The most common reason to visit the cave is to look for the blessing in terms of fertility. Married couples can take advantage of the rumor in order to get a baby soon. This local belief also becomes popular among tourists who live outside Dieng, as well, in fact. People come to the cave to give a prayer and meditation, too. As long as visitors have obtained permission from the keeper, they are allowed to perform such ritual in that area. For outsiders, it is better to come with a local guide for a better communication with the keeper.

Apart from asking for fertility, visitors have other reasons to visit Jaran Cave. They want to take care of their lust by doing a short meditation inside. They believe such ritual helps them to become a better person and to be able to restrain their lust. This kind of activity is not quite popular among outsiders, though. Those who come from outside Dieng region prefer to take picture of the site than any rituals. It is because they might not believe in any mystical power. One thing that visitors can be sure of is that they are able to get visit other sacred caves in that complex.

Apart from Jaran Cave, several other caves also reside near to Warna Lake including Semar, Sumur, and Pengantin Cave. Each of them has a unique story, in fact. On top of that, the location of those caves is not quite far from each other. Surrounded by stunning and lush nature, they become a great series of adventure for everyone (especially Jaran Resi Kendaliseto Cave).

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How to Get There
It is easy to reach Jaran Cave as it resides near to Warna Lake. From Wonosobo, travelers need to take a minibus to Kejajar Sub-District and head to the lake directly. It also requires a few minutes of trekking to reach the site.

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  • Puspa Indah Hotel
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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