Sidengkeng Hill in Kejajar Sub-District, Wonosobo

Being the most recommended vacation destination in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara District, Dieng Plateau keeps attracting more visitors. There is only one explanation for it, which is the unlimited option of nature attractions which are scattered all over the area. One of them is located in Kejajar Sub-District called Sidengkeng Hill – a perfect site to do photography and trekking. Not to mention people have their distinct reasons in visiting the hill and one of them is to enjoy flawless nature scenery like Pengilon and Warna Lake from above. Moreover, the location is easy to reach!

The Nuance
The locals also call Sidengkeng Hill as Petak 9 Tourist Site. Surrounded by beautiful nature and mesmerizing landscapes, it never fails to amaze visitors. Not only the hill offers stunning views of Pengilon and Warna Lake, but it also has a majestic background (the Prau Mountain). That immense mountain is covered by fog in the morning. What a breathtaking view! Before enjoying those views, visitors are going to see a unique gate, displaying the name of the site. Once everyone enters the location, they can find about 75 types of endemic plants scattered all over the area.

Exploring Sidengkeng Hill
The best thing is the local government keeps doing improvements over time. The purpose is that the site is able to attract more visitors in the future. Well, even without any treatments, Sidengkeng Hill won’t lose its charm. Thanks to nature. Tourists often choose the site either as their prime vacation destination or a place to rest before continuing their exploration in Dieng. Here is an example. Tourists can simply sit and relax under Acacia trees, enjoying foods and refreshing air. For those who love challenging activities, the hill is suitable for trekking as well.

Along the way up to the top of Sidengkeng Hill is indeed tiring. However, the effort won’t go to waste. It is quite rewarding instead. Once tourists have arrived at the hill, they can witness jaw-dropping nature views like Sindoro and Prau Mountain! As if, those stunning views help them eradicate their tiredness in an instant. The views are even better at a particular time like in the morning. The sun may rise beautifully there, hypnotizing all visitors. Not to mention the air feels fresher and more comfortable.

Trekking and sightseeing are quite common in Sidengkeng Hill. Still, there is another fun activity to do in the area such as camping! It is true there is a good spot to camp there, which is called Wana Wisata Petak 9 Camping Ground. The management provides about 100 tents so everyone won’t miss the chance to spend a night there. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature, that camping ground won’t disappoint tourists.

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How to Get There
Sidengkeng Hill belongs to Kejajar Sub-District. That means the trip takes about 50-60 minutes from Wonosobo. Once visitors reach the main gate of that tourist spot, they must walk for 15 minutes to reach the top of the hill.

Where to Stay

  • Arjuna 2 Hotel
  • Budjono Hotel
  • Puspa Indah Hotel
  • Gunung Mas Hotel

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