Wor Dance as the Pride of Biak Tribe in West Papua Province

Apart from its stunning nature, West Papua Province offers unique cultural attractions. For example, tourists are interested in traditional dances of such region. These include Wor Dance, which belongs to Biak Tribe. The dance is often performed in many regions of West Papua, including Raja Ampat. For tourists, the dance becomes both an entertainment and an object for studying. This explains why the dance is considered one of the reasons why tourists visit West Papua Province and Raja Ampat Regency. Even foreigners think of it as an attractive dance.

The Nuance
The movements of Wor Dance are unique and appealing. Some might dance and the rest of performers would play a “tifa” (a traditional drum). The dance can either involve a few of people or a large group, depending on the needs. In fact, the whole people in a village are allowed to join it. When it comes to the costume, dancers wear traditional fabric of Biak Tribe. The dominant colors are blue and red. Only men performers wear a feather on their bandana, though.

Enjoying Wor Dance
So, what can people enjoy? First, they can learn a bit history of it. Wor is a word from Biak’s Language. The meaning is to read a poem while dancing. Usually, the dance is performed in several parties or ceremonies. That means tourists need to pick the right time to visit West Papua or Raja Ampat, as the dance is not always available to enjoy. The best times to witness it are: during Wor Sababu (a ceremony done for the kids’ first encounter with the environment) and a local wedding ceremony.

The fact is that Wor Dance becomes Biak Tribe’s pride. It is a compulsory entertainment among the locals, after all. Not only the villagers consider it as a traditional ceremony, but they perform it to look for blessings from the God. No wonder, parents often conduct the dance for the sake of their kids’ luck in life. This explains why the dance has become a life cycle rite there. Today, the dance even attracts from other provinces. As mentioned before, it also attracts foreign tourists.

Here is the thing. Wor Dance is a sacred traditional ceremony, so everyone should give it a respect. The audience is not an exception. It is because the locals involve much of their belief into the dance, as they communicate with the God through it. Not to mention the dance is related to both living and death realm. Even tourists can feel the mystical aura during the performance. It remains as an entertaining performance for both the locals and visitors, though.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Several ways are available in reaching West Papua Province. For example, tourists can take an airplane to Fak-fak Torea Airport. Once they reach the location, it is time to head to nearby villages. The thing is travelers should have gathered information regarding the schedule of the dance first. Otherwise, they won’t be able to enjoy, as the performance is rarely done without any arrangements beforehand.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Papua Hotel

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