Pasir Putih Beach in Manokwari, West Papua Province

Manokwari City is part of West Papua Province. It also becomes an interesting location to enjoy a holiday. For those looking for pristine nature, there is a beautiful beach in Manokwari, which is called Pasir Putih. The name has the meaning of “White Sand”. As the name suggests, the beach’s main attraction is the flawless white sand, on which people can walk on comfortably. The beach is also popular for its charming seascape and mesmerizing sea water. No wonder, people come to the beach for relaxing and getting rid of stresses.

The Nuance
It is not difficult to describe the beauty of Pasir Putih Beach. As mentioned earlier, the prime feature is the white sand. The soft texture of the sand would satisfy visitors, as they can walk around the beach in comfort. There is no trash or gravel. The beach is pure and beautiful! It is because the locals take a good care of it. Some villagers even work as a parking guard, food vendors, cleaning services, etc. This explains why tourists can also rent a floating tire for swimming. The waves are calm, after all. Not to mention the sea comes with 3 different colors of water. These include crystal clear, light blue, and dark blue!

Exploring Pasir Putih Beach
The best time to visit the beach is during workdays. Due to its popularity, Pasir Putih Beach has lots of visitors. For many, it becomes uncomfortable with lots of people on the beach. Therefore, many people come to the location, when there are not many visitors. It is because they look for a peaceful nuance for relaxing. Apart from its fame, there is another reason why many people are attracted to the beach. What is that? It is the distance, as the beach is located about 5 km from Manokwari City. Due to such easy access, more people visit the beach. These include locals and foreigners.

Once tourists reach the gate of the beach, they can park the vehicle in nearby parking lot. It costs nothing to enter the beach. Though, visitors should pay the parking fee, as the locals work hard to guard the vehicles. When it comes to foods and drinks, they have distinct options. First, they can carry lunch boxes and bottled water to the beach. As an alternative, they can visit food vendors and buy some foods or drinks from them. Regardless of the choice, eating under shady trees on the beach would be quite comfortable.

When there are no people around, Pasir Putih Beach feels like a private island. The warm weather and breezy wind would satisfy visitors. Not to mention the sound of the waves is quite calming. For those who love water sports, it is possible to either swim or dive in the sea. If not, beach walking and sunbathing are perfect alternatives.

Nearby Attractions

  • Doreri Cape
  • Manokwari City
  • Gunung Meja Nature Park
  • Anggi Giji and Gita Lake

How to Get There
The distance between Pasir Putih Beach and Manokwari City is 5 km. For those coming from Jakarta, it involves a flight to Rendani Airport first. Once they get there, the next trip takes about 15 minutes by local transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Aston Niu Manokwari Hotel
  • Mutiara Hotel
  • Aries Hotel
  • Mokwam Hotel

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