Anggi Giji and Gita Lake in Arfak Mountains, West Papua Province

West Papua Province has many references of beautiful natural attractions. Manokwari City, a popular tourist spot, has a majestic Arfak Mountains. In the location, tourists can even find Anggi Giji and Gita Lake. Not only it offers pristine nature, the lake also offers an interesting story to visitors.  The fact is that the lake becomes the main attraction in Arfak. People can go hiking and reach the lake as their final destination. Simply put, it is the cure for those who look for relaxation and want to eradicate stresses. The nuance of the lake is superb, after all.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the lake is the part of Arfak Mountains, so tourists would expect a cool atmosphere and vast highlands. A wild and lush forest also becomes a feature in the location. Not to mention the lake is situated near to a traditional village. This is good news, as tourists can afford foods and accommodations in an easy manner. When it comes to the water, it is pristine and calm. Even though swimming is possible, it is not recommended. The reason is the lake is considered quite deep. On the other hand, sightseeing is a good idea there. 

Exploring Anggi Giji and Gita Lake
Once tourists get to the lake, they can learn a bit story of the location. A tour guide or local people would tell it to them, after all. According to the story, there were a couple living in Arfak Mountains. Their pure love was impressive and turned into two big lakes. The rumor has it. There are a couple of dragons living in the lake. No wonder, the locals name it based on gender, which is Giji and Gita. For explorers and historians, the story is indeed interesting. It applies the same to tourists.

The location of the lake is at 2,950 meters above sea level. That means it takes a little bit effort to reach the location. Have no worries. This can be an opportunity for hiking. As an alternative, tourists can ride an offroad car to reach the location. The trip takes about 4 hours, as the route is rough and difficult. Some big rocks and rivers become obstacles in the trip, in fact. In order to avoid problems, visitors should come to the lake during good weather. Otherwise, there is the chance of landslide during rainy days.

Once they reach the location, they can witness the flawless beauty of Anggi Giji and Gita Lake. The tiredness of the trip vanishes right away. Not to mention some villagers would welcome tourists with their warm smile and friendliness. The lush vegetation also becomes a good feature of the site, as it gives a comfortable feeling to tourists. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy photography!

Nearby Attractions

  • Doreri Cape
  • Manokwari City
  • Gunung Meja Nature Park
  • Arfak Mountains Nature Reserve

How to Get There
The lake is located in Arfak Mountains. First, tourists need to head to Manokwari City. The best transportation option is an airplane and the checkpoint is Rendani Airport. From there, take any local transportation service to Arfak. The trip takes about 3-5 hours and it involves trekking, too.

Where to Stay

  • Aston Niu Manokwari Hotel
  • Mutiara Hotel
  • Aries Hotel
  • Mokwam Hotel

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