Amazingly Fak Fak

Fak Fak

This district is famous for the agriculture plant of nutmeg, which make this city known as “Kota Pala” or the city of nutmeg. Fakfak regency is one of the oldest cities in Papua, with a high civilization.

Historically Fakfak was a significant port town, being one of the few Papuan towns that had relations with the Sultanate of Ternate, being bound to it. The Sultanate later granted the Dutch colonial government permission to settle in Papua, including in Fakfak. The Dutch began the settlement in 1898. The town still has some colonial buildings remaining from that settlement.

Fakfak is located in West Papua, Indonesia, on the Bomberai Peninsula near Tambaruni Bay. It is situated in an area with many limestone hills, rivers and caves. As such, the streets are twist and turn. Fakfak has a small community of Muslim Arab and Indian Indonesians, who is the descended from traders who came to Papua in the 19th century. However, due to Fakfak’s diminishing role as a port town the population has decreased.

Fak Fak is a very remote area located in south-east of Raja Ampat in Irian Jaya (West Papua), and is famous for its record breaking marine bio-diversity, the water here is so nutrient rich and there are millions of amazing life habitation inside. There always new species of fish and corals are being discovered all the time.

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