Tapurarang Historical Site in Kokas District, West Papua Province

A charming province is located in the easternmost of Indonesia, which is called West Papua. Apart from Raja Ampat, it is the home of other famous tourist spots. One of them is called Tapurarang Historical Site. The location is in Kokas District and it belongs to Fakfak Regency. As the name suggests, Tapurarang is a historical cliff, imprinted with several hand paintings. Some paintings of animals are also seen on the site. Such historical cliff becomes an interesting vacation spot for tourists. Not only it has some historical value, but it also becomes a great object for photography.

The Nuance
The paintings on Tapurarang Historical Site have been there for more than hundreds of years ago. Despite the age, the color and shape of the paintings remain in a good condition. They are both vibrant and thrilling. It is because the color is similar to human’s blood. No wonder, the locals call it “lukisan cap tangan darah” or the bloody hand paintings. What about the cliff? The size is definitely enormous and some trees and vegetation grow on it. When it comes to the nuance, it is both peaceful and cool. Thanks to the strategic location of the cliff.

Exploring Tapurarang Historical Site
Kokas District is known as an old city. No wonder, many historical sites are available there. Tapurarang Historical Site is not an exception and it has attracted many tourists recently. Apart from tourists, some historians also come to the location. It is because they want to observe the ancient paintings directly. It is said the paintings were made by natural dye, so it can withstand any types of weather. This also explains why the condition of the paintings remains good. They even appear astonishing from afar.

The locals consider Tapurarang Historical Site as a sacred tourist spot. The rumor has it. The ancient paintings were humans who got cursed by Kaborbor (the ghost of the sea). A unique story behind the cliff is quite worthy to learn. Usually, the locals would tell it to tourists. If not, visitors can take advantage of a tour guide to learn some information regarding the history of the cliff. The question is whether there are other attractions in the location or not. Well, some skulls and bones are scattered near to the site!

According to the locals, the skeletons are their ancestors. It is because people used to put the dead near to caves and cliffs back then. Due to the presence of the bones, some tourists feel a strange aura when exploring Tapurarang Historical Site. Despite this issue, people keep coming to the location, as they are interested to see those unique objects by their own eyes. Some of them even carry a camera to the location.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Tapurarang Historical Site belongs to Kokas District. From Jakarta, tourists should take an airplane to Torea Airport in Fakfak Regency. From there, they may continue the trip to Kokas District using a local transportation service. It takes about 2 hours. The last destination is Tapurarang and it takes a longboat ride to reach the site.

Where to Stay

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  • Mulia Hotel

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