Visiting Kamaka Lake in Kaimana Regency, West Papua

It is time to explore the richness of West Papua Province, especially in terms of tourism. Located in the easternmost of Indonesia, it offers beautiful and lush natural tourist spots. One of them resides in Kaimana Regency, which is called Kamaka Lake. To be exact, the location is near to Lomira Village. It is a unique lake, after all. The lake has a regular tidal cycle, which is once every 5-8 years. During the ebb tide, the locals come to the spot for farming. On the other hand, they would be a fisherman during the high tide.

The Nuance
It is safe to say Kamaka Lake is a unique one as compared to the others. With the length of 30 km and the width of 1 km, the lake can be either the location for farming or fishing. It depends on the tide. When the water is abundant, villagers come to the lake for fishing. Several types of freshwater fishes live there. In fact, the lake becomes the home for lobsters. There is even another name of the lake, which is Amafata. Another access to reach the site is through Saria Village.

Exploring Kamaka Lake
Here is the fact. Kamaka Lake is located near to Triton Cape. That means visitors can enjoy two beautiful tourist spots in one go. Both of them are recommended vacation destinations in West Papua, after all. It takes much stamina to explore them both, though. Thus, people should come to the lake in a good shape. In fact, it takes more than a day in order to get around the lake, as it has the length of 30 km. However, it is going to be a fun adventure. The views are great, as well.

The next thing to do is sightseeing. Some tourists would be lucky if they meet a wandering deer. It is said the animal brings blessings to those who encounter it. As for the tips, visitors should carry bottled water and some snacks. It is going to be a tiring exploration, due to the enormous size of the lake. Moreover, no many facilities are available, so it is going to be difficult to find eateries, toilets, and accommodations. As an alternative, visitors can carry a tent and spend a night there. The location is safe for camping, after all.

Before going home, it is recommended to witness local’s activities. Tourists have two options of time in visiting the lake, which is either during the low or high tide. If they want to witness farming activities, they should visit during the ebb. On the other hand, they can go fishing and catch some lobsters during the high tide. Both of them are fun!

Nearby Attractions

  • Triton Cape
  • Sisir Pond
  • KM14 Nature Park
  • Namatota Historical Site

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Kamaka Lake is located between Lamira and Saria Village. That means tourists have two entries in reaching the lake. From Jakarta, the first destination is Utarom Airport, located in Kaimana. From there, it takes a local transportation service to reach those villages. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Kaimana Beach Hotel
  • Grand Papua Hotel
  • Diana Inn
  • Nirmala Inn

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