Sisir Pond in Kaimana Regency, West Papua Province

Almost everyone loves nature tourism, as it becomes an opportunity to get closer to nature. The problem is where people should go. Due to many options of vacation destinations, finding a good spot can be quite a challenge. As for reference, tourists can visit Sisir Pond, which is located in Kaimana Regency. Being a new tourist spot, it has gained an excellent popularity among travelers. Thanks to the serene atmosphere and calm water. Not to mention an access to the pond is considered easier than other similar natural attractions like KM 14.

The Nuance
When it comes to beauty, Sisir Pond is definitely attractive. The color of the water is creamy white, and it features no waves. Some branches of trees are scattered on the pond, which creates a rustic appearance. It is a charming nuance, actually. What’s next? Many types of trees and bushes are seen near to the pond. They appear green and shady, creating a comfortable and cold atmosphere. Next, it is related to the path. Near to the pond, there is a route for either walkers or motorcycles. That means the location is quite accessible!

Exploring Sisir Pond
Unfortunately, Sisir Pond is not recommended for swimming. It is because the water is a bit uncomfortable. Despite the stunning appearance of the water, it is better not to dip in it. Not to mention the white color comes from the high presence of calcium. As an alternative, tourists can simply walk around the pond and enjoy its beauty. The best time to visit the location is in the morning when the air is the freshest and some fog appears on the spot. Somehow, the pond becomes a good place for relaxation.

The next popular activity in Sisir Pond is photography. Even though tourists only use a smartphone, the results would be satisfying. It does not matter of the skills or gadget, but it is all about the objects. The pond and its surrounding are indeed a perfect object for photography. The most famous object to capture is the formation of fallen trunks and branches on the pond. Somehow, they appear quite artistically, so tourists should capture them all.  As an alternative, people can take selfies in front of the pond.

Sisir Pond has a small bridge, on which tourists can explore. This also becomes a favorite spot for photography. From the location, people can see fishes swimming in the pond. Even though swimming is possible, it is a difficult task to do. For the next adventure, visitors should visit the coastal area of Sisir Village. Not to mention the locals would greet visitors and offer some local specialties to them. What a great adventure!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For outsiders, they need to take an airplane to Utarom Airport, which is located in Kaimana City. From there, they may continue the trip by local transportation service. The distance between Kaimana and the pond is about 5 km, so it will be a short trip. Once they reach Sisir Village, it is time to go to the location by foot for about 15 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Kaimana Beach Hotel
  • Grand Papua Hotel
  • Diana Inn
  • Nirmala Inn

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