Tual City is located in Maluku Province. This city is a city with 66 small islands. From those many islands, there are only 13 islands which are inhabitted. This city is a result of expansion of Maluku Tenggara district. Tual is rich of sea products. So, you can easily find fascinating sea-beauty while visiting Tual, such as Ngurbloat Beach welcoming you with the softest sand in the world.

In the time of Netherlands occupancy, there was an organization settled in Maluku Tenggara called Recht Streek Bestuurde Gebieden. At that time, Tual, Dodo, Saumlaki and Wonreli were ruled by Hooft Van Plaasselyk (the head of local government). In 1984, Tual City became the capital of Onder Afdeling Kei Eenlanden ruled by a residency assistant. After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Maluku Tenggara became a part of Maluku Selatan. In 1951, Tual became the capital of Maluku Tenggara. In 2007 Tual became an autonomous city after the law of autonomy for Tual was published.

Tual is served by the Dumatubin Airport. Dumatubin Airport (LUV) is an airport in Tual and Langgur, Kai Islands, in the Maluku province of Indonesia.

The airport is only three kilometers outside the city. Public busses are not available but motorcycle taxis (ojek) and normal taxis are available and considering the short distance pretty cheap.

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