Ferangi Fortress

Fort Ferangi Ambon is a fort that built during colonization by the Portuguese in the year 1575. Other people in Ambon call this fort as Benteng Kota Laha or Kota Laha fort and Victoria fort. The existance of Ferangi fort at that time was functioned as the seat of government by the Portuguese. In addition, the building is also used as a place to store spices that exist at eastern Indonesia.

Right at the entrance of the Fort there are numbers of cannon with very large size. Ambon Ferangi fort is one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists who visiting Ambon. In addition to enjoy the beauty of sightseeing and its uniqueness, visitors who come to Ambon can also learn the arrival history during Portuguese era to Ambon.

Inside the fortress Ferangi, there are a lot of objects over Portuguese and Dutch. Every tourist who visiting this fort is also has the opportunity to know the map of Ambon City development from ancient times to the present. There are lots of changes going on, both in terms of economics, the cultural changes from western that getting fade away, and others.

Ferangi fort is one of the forerunner witnesses to the establishment of Ambon City. Since it abandoned by the Dutch and the Portuguese, increasingly the community begin to settle around this old building in groups. The group communities that inhabit the surrounding fort have different names from each to another. The names of groups that live around Fort Ferangi among others are, Soa Kilang, Soa Ema, Soa Silale, Urimessing, Hative, Etc.

To reach this fortress is very easy and it accessible by private vehicles and public transportation. The location of this fort is in the heart of Ambon city and we can visit this place for free, without any entrance fee needed.

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