Santai Beach

As the name implies of Pantai Santai or relaxing beach; this beach is well suited to use for recreational site. The tiredness and boredom with daily routine will just pay off after visiting this beach. While enjoying the view of the beach, do not forget to order the banana fritter and sweet ice tea that became the signature dish from this area.

If you want to dive and snorkel but did not have the equipment, there is a diving and snorkeling equipment rental here. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater at this beach without the hassle carrying the equipment from home.

This tourism site is located in the village Latulahat, around 16 km from the city of Ambon. For those who want to stay longer, there are a lot of lodging for visitors to stay and exploring Pantai Santai.

Besides not having rock fragments at the base of the beach, Pantai Santai is also tending to be gentler. So, if you are not good at swimming, you will feel more comfortable to swim here.

Pantai Santai is also has diving operators who are ready to serve you, but you have to book a few days before the arrival day because at most of the dive sites in Ambon, the guide divers are not ready at all times.

Some diving spots that been offered here are quite nice and easy to access from the beach, with just a few minutes by using motor boat. The cost to dive is not different from most places, about 300-400 thousand Rupiah for one session. Meanwhile, for the average charter, you must pay around 150-200 thousand Rupiah for a few hours.

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