Larat Island

Larat Island is the outer island of Indonesia that located in the Aru Sea and it is bordered by the states of Australia. Larat Island is part of the government of West Southeast Maluku regency, Maluku province.

Larat Island is one of 92 frontline island in Indonesia. On this island, there are points that determine sea borders between Indonesia and Australia. This small island is administratively a district of North Tanimbar mainland of West Southeast Maluku (MTB).

To go to Larat island can only be reached by sea, both from the Capital MTB, Saumlaki, nor by public ships from Surabaya. If it starts from Saumlaki, there are two motor boats with a capacity of 20 and 50 passengers. It takes about 4-5 hours from Saumlaki-Larat, it depending on the weather of the sea.

The name of Larat is taken from the word Larit, which means Light. This light island is not only literally lightening for if it views from the ocean seems like a stretch of flat land that emits light, but it also becomes the light for the inhabitants. Seaweed is the main commodity in this island and becomes the important income for the local citizens.

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