Hukurila Cave

Hukurila Cave is an underwater cave. This tourism site is located in Hukurila village, District of South Leitimur, Ambon; the distance is about 15 kilometers from the city of Ambon. This underwater cave is still located in the area of Hukurila Beach (the beach that located on the southern island of Ambon). The beach is facing to east that is directly into the Banda Sea.

For those who love diving, Hukurila is a perfect place that you should to visit. At your first jump, you will be immediately treated by colorful coral reefs that rich in diversities. This underwater cave has several entrances and a pile of rocks that big enough to see. One of the entrances to this cave are in the form of narrow slit-shaped with a width for about two to three meters. This entrance is narrow gate gives the impression of creepy sensation while passing it through. After arriving at the main spot, the beauty of the amazing underwater is the main part that you will get along these journeys.

You can navigate the underwater cave to a depth of 20 meters. There are some types of corals and schools of fish that can be found in the middle of the cave. When diving in this underwater cave, do not worry about getting lost, because in this cave there is a big hole and two small holes that serve a way out from the cave.

Unfortunately, the beauty Hukurila Cave is not accompanied by many facilities for visitors like in Natsepa and Liang Beach. There are only few places of shelter to take some rest. There is provided a short training diving for about Rp. 25,000 (not including the diving equipment).

Hukurila underwater cave is located in Hukurila Coast region. The beach is located about 15 kilometers from the city of Ambon. You can get to this place by using public transportation from Terminal Mardika for Rp 5,000. You can also use the route of private vehicles through downtown Ambon by passing Batu Meja and headed straight to the village of Hukurila, the distance is about 12 kilometers. Other way, we can pass through downtown Ambon - Batu Gong - Hukurila Village, and the location is about 18 kilometers.

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