Jikumerasa Beach

Jikumerasa Beach is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, precisely in Namlea district, Buru regency, Maluku. This place is can be reach along 10 Km from downtown.

Jikumerasi has stunning view, just like other beaches in Maluku. It has genuine scenery, typical of tropical beach with white sands and coconut trees along the shore. One special thing from this beach is coming from the phenomenon of three radiating hues at the ocean, when the sun in already at the peak.

The view with flattering coconut trees and the breezy wind become more stunning together with calm waves that cheerfully chasing. The sun that shines warmly will be pampering you along with your sunbathing or playing with white sand. In fact, there are many ways to enjoy this beach, like sitting under the trees while reading your novel, walking along the shore with holding hand with your love one, playing chasing the wave with your besties or snorkeling to see the rich underwater of Jikumerasi.

This place is now managed by local people and they equipped this beach with some food stalls, toilet, and rented buoy for swimming or rented boat for those who want to explore this beach. While enjoying the nuance of this beach, we can taste local food named Rujak Maluku.

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