Amsterdam Fortress

Amsterdam fortress is situated on the border between Negeri Hila and Negeri Kaitetu, Leihitu District, Central Maluku regency, about 42 km from the city of Ambon. We can enter to this fortress for free, without any entrance fee needed.

What uniqueness comes from this fort? According to the information related, this fort is the second building which was founded by the Dutch after Casteel Vanveere in Negeri Seith was destroyed. The Amsterdam is one of the older buildings with hundreds of years and it becomes part of the history VOC colonization in Ambon, Maluku.

The tourists who come to this place will be surprised by the style of the building and its architecture, as Amsterdam's shaped is like a regular house that consists of three floors. The first floor was become the bed of the soldiers. The second floor was used as a meeting room and the third floor was a monitoring post. Aside from the third floor of the main building, there is a tower that was also used to monitor the situation around the place. Please be careful when visiting this place, for the ladder is obsolete. Standing along the tower, we can see the stunning view of Hila beach and Seram Island from the window. Outside the main gate, there are storage objects that originate belongs to the fortress.

Entering the castle, near the entrance we will find inscriptions with the emblem of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The inscription reads:

Starting Built By Gerard Demmer In the Year 1642
Later expanded and enlarged by: Arnold De Vlaming Van Ouds Hoorn
In the Year 1649 to the Year 1656

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