Belgica Fortress, Maluku

Benteng Belgica or Belgica Fort is a heritage fortress from Portuguese that been built in Bandaneira, Maluku Tengah. Bandaneira is a small town that also a heritage city from Portuguese and Duch colonization. This city became important city for Dutch and Portuguese since it produce some of important spices. Since Bandaneira was the center of trading, then the building of fortress is need to be built. This fortress was also play the role as a prison and the place for keeping the gun.

At early begin, Belgica was named as Benteng Nassau. But when the development of the fortress, the reign of Portuguese was replaced by the Dutch, the name was changed as Belgica. During the reign of Dutch colonization, this fortress was used as the military defence and vessel traffic monitoring trade.

In addition to the historical value, this place is also has stunning view. The building is standing through 400 years and still standing strong againts time. Belgica has other name as The Indonesian Pentagon, for the pentagon shape, similar to the American Pentagon.
By having typical Europe style, this fort has Bastion on the building. Bastion is a hole in the wall of the fortress, to place the cannon inside it. In fact, we can see the existence of the cannon at this place, a genuine cannon since Dutch era. Moreover, Belgica has open space that located in the middle of the fortress, and it was used as prison. There are tower in each side of the fort, and stairs to reach the peak of the tower. From this peak, we can see the Banda Islands with naked eyes.

We can see and visit this fort for free, but there will be donation box that you can give your charity for the development of this place. To reach this place is east, if you are coming from Ambon, we can use Pelni ship to Yos Sudarso seaport in Bandaneira. After arriving to the place, we can use publict transportation to the fortress, like taxi, Ojek or Angkot.
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