Pattimura Monument

Pattimura monument is one of statue buildings in Ambon that was built to commemorate the National Hero of Thomas Matulessy who popular as Pattimura, as he the tittle he holds.

Pattimura was from Saparua. He was the one who stand for country against the Dutch colonialists in the Year of 1817. Pattimura had succeed to attack Durstede fortress that belong to the Dutch in Saparua Island, and he then took over the fortress by kill all the troops and the Dutch community around there, but he let the Son of Resident vazn den Berg who was a child alive.

Pattimura then betrayed by a king on Saparua and together with his men he was handed over to the Dutch authorities and being brought to Ambon for trial and hanged. Pattimura Monumen is erected on the place where he and some friends were hanged. It precisely located at the Intersection of Jalan Slamet Rijadi, Jalan Imam Bonjol and Jalan Pattimura.

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