Damar Island

Damar Island is an island that located in the northern part of the Southwest Islands of Maluku province. There are seven island villages which are concentrated in the north and west coast of the island. The topography of this region is undulating to the edge, and it low mountainous in the central part.

This island produces coconuts, cashew nuts, coffee, cocoa, cloves, and nutmeg. There are also numbers of bird habitats that live in this island, like Ducula concinna, Ducula rosacea, Eos reticulata, Trichoglossus euteles, Chrysococcyx rufomerus, Todiramphus australasia, Coracina dispar and more.

At Damar Island, sago is the main food. In practice, the agricultural sector is done traditionally. In Southwest Maluku, the food plants like corn, beans, peanut red wood and cassava are getting rare and diminishing as a result of considerable High population growth.

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