Banda Islands

Banda Islands waters is located among the cluster of Neira island, Gunung Api island, Ai island, Sjahrir Island and Hatta Island that settled in Maluku Tengah regency. By settled in strategic location, this island has very rich biodiversity.

Research said that this island has 310 types of coral reefs, 871 fish species and rich population of shark and groupers that well preserved. Hence, this island is also called as a world heritage island.

We can do many things at this beach, among others are seeing the underwater park, canoeing, fishing, diving, seeing the activity of whale, seeing the the cheerful dolphins or watching the annual boat race from the edge of the beach. Those who love diving, there are some spots that perfect for diving, which are:

Sonegat, this is the reachable spot that can be reached within 5 minutes from the beach.
Keraka Island, this island is very suitable spot to enjoy the underwater view, especially for the coral reefs and big barracuda.
Lontar Island, this is an interesting spot with underwater view.
Batu Belanda, this place is full with barrel, sponge tube and little caves. The fishes that located in this place is also vary, like snappers, girldled angel fish or banner fish.
Ai Island, this place offers the best spot to see the magnificent Banda Island. By diving this island, we can see the great underwater wall with natural cave, the living place for harbors fish.
Hatta Island, the diving spot at Hatta Island is in Atol Skaru. This is a coral that lies in few meters from Hatta Island diving spot. Here, we can see unicorn fish, fusiliers, jack fish, rainbow runners, napoleon wrasse and turtles.

To enjoy this island and dive the underwater we have to take quite long trip. The trip is can be done by using flight from Ambon to Banda via Aviator or using sea line by using Pelni ship that starts from Ambon to Banda Islands that operating once in 2 weeks.

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