Pombo Island

Pombo Island is one of the beautiful uninhabited islands in Ambon, Maluku Province. “Pombo” was derived from Portuguese, which means pigeon, so Pombo Island is also known well as Merpati Island (Pigeon Island).

Here you will find the unique endemic animal the Pombo bird. Pombo Island is rich of astonishing sea biota. You can dive and enjoy the world beneath. Lots of fishes, clamps, sea-weeds, corals, and molluscs are waiting for you to meet. Due to its uniue nature Pombo Island has become a research and development area as well.

You can see the bottom of the sea right through the clear water. Big and small coral reefs are dominating this area. When the water retreats, those coral reefs will come up forming a beautiful sight.

You need to take an hour trip to Tulehu firts by vehicle from, then continue using speedboat heading to Pombo Island for about 20 minutes.

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