Baso Waterfall in Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province

It is common sense. Most tourists would look for recommended natural tourist sites during holidays. They want to eradicate their stresses caused by daily routines, after all. For those visiting Agam Regency, in this case, it is recommended to explore the region and find some exotic waterfalls! One of them is located in Koto Tinggi Village, which is called Baso Waterfall. As the name suggests, the waterfall belongs to Baso Sub-District. The prime allure is the location, which resides in the middle of a lush forest. So, tourists can enjoy trekking and adventure while heading to the waterfall. Plus, beauty is astonishing! Here is more information about it.

The Nuance
Due to the seclusion, the waterfall emits a serene nuance indeed. Tourists can only hear the sound of gurgling water and swaying leaves. The waterfall comes down beautifully on a rocky light brown cliff. In terms of size, it is about 15 meters in height. The water discharge, however, depends on the season. During the rainy season, it becomes quite strong and dangerous. That means showering is not recommended. On the other hand, the water discharge becomes more comfortable during the hot season. Thus, tourists can enjoy bathing and shower under it. What is more? The site is shady and relaxing due to the presence of trees and bushes.

Exploring Baso Waterfall
Tourists can choose either to come during the hot or rainy season. Each of these times offers a distinct benefit to them, actually. During the rainy season, for instance, the water discharge looks more astonishing due to its fierceness. That means tourists can enjoy sightseeing and photography better at the time. This is why everyone should carry a camera when heading to the site later. However, bathing and showering are prohibited. That’s the only weakness.

What about the hot season? The water discharge doesn’t look quite special. However, it emits a unique beauty due to the calmness. The best benefit is that tourists can enjoy either bathing or showering at the time. Plus, the natural pond becomes shallower, so it is safe for kids. As for the beauty, the sparkling rocks and stones (due to the ray of the sun) would astonish everyone. This exotic nuance combines well with a warm atmosphere, as well.

Another thing to enjoy when spending a vacation in Baso Waterfall is trekking. After parking the vehicle at a nearby village, tourists should walk passing through a lush nature in order to reach the waterfall. Usually, this trekking would take around 10 minutes. Have no worries. The route is easy and tourists may see beautiful environments along the way to this Indonesia site.

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How to Get There
For outsiders, an airplane would be the best transportation in order to reach West Sumatra Province. The first destination is Padang City, actually. From Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), a flight to Minangkabau Airport would take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. From Padang, the next destination is Agam Regency and it can be done by taking local transportation service. The best route to take is Maninjau – Lubuk Basung Street and the distance is 109 km. That means this trip may take around 2 hours and 15 minutes. From Agam City, tourists only need to take Padang Lua – Maninjau Street and head to Baso Waterfall right away. This trip would take around 1 hour and 52 minutes, as the distance is 56.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Kenan Inn
  • Rumah Angin Tigo Baleh
  • Rumah Kayuku

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