Tunjungan Street

The Proclamation of 17 Augusts 1945 arising spirit the Surabaya people to fight against colonist, so happened Surabaya Inferno, which support oppressed nation awakened to fight against colonist. Tunjungan Street become the struggle eyewitnesses of Surabaya people maintain independence. The existence of Tunjungan is the gold triangle area with Embong Malang and Blauran Street.

At Monday, 3 Septembers 1945 the Soedirman Resident has government of Republic of Indonesia proclamation in East Java and in greeting action of bunting in all Surabaya side. For example in Syucokan office, Municipality building, Governor building now Pahlawan Street, for Internatio building, Gelora 10 Novembers Field in public meeting carried out by Surabaya Youngsters.

The movement climax of Bunting in Surabaya happened at the disruption flag incident in Yamamoto Hotel, Tunjungan Street 65 Surabaya. By 18 Septembers 1945, comes British army from Allied Command lodging in the hotel. At the same time, it make as station RAPWI (Rehabilitation of Allied Prisoners of War Internees). Feel it has strong position, a group of Dutchman that led by W.V.Ch Ploegman at 21.00 Pm they flying the Dutch flag without the Republic of Indonesia government permission.

The day after, Surabaya member had angry. Sudirman Resident come and asked the flag to degrade, but Ploegman to refuse and threatening with weapon so it happened fight with guard Sudirman, Sidik that caused Ploegman had died. The situation increasingly the temperature, Surabaya member scrambling gone up above to the building to reduce the flag from the pillar. Kusno Wibowo and Hariyono are successfully reduced and tear the tricolor flag to become red and white.

The heroic event in Tunjungan Street make that street name had increasingly recognized. Oranje Hotel or Oranye Hotel is build first time 1910 by Mr. Lucas Martin Sarkies (LMS) a nationality Armenia with Colonial style and Art Nouveau Style. Its architect is an English named James Afprey.

When Japan military in command in 1942, its name become Yamato Hoteru, its function becomes a Japan military station. Because of that event, this hotel known as Liberty Hotel and change again become LMS Hotel. The new owner Mantrust Holding Co. changed it become Majapahit Hotel (1969). Fresh Oriental Group and Mandarin take over this hotel so it becomes Majapahit Mandarin Oriental Surabaya Hotel.

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