Internatio Building

Internatio Building (Internationale Crediten Handelvereeniging) is located in angle of Heerenstraat and Willemsplein (now called Jayengrono Street). Border on precise Jembatan Merah station and Jembatan Merah Plaza so that is point of bustle. This building had built in 1929 by Biro Aristech AIA (Algemeen Ingenieurs en Architecten Bureau) that address in Sumatrastraat 59 Soerabaia.

It is a famous Soerabaia architect; birth in Tulungagung, East Java, named Ir. Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels who bear in 1882 to realize this building. The other masterpiece is:
- NV Nederlandsch Indische Handelsbank in 1926
- Eye Hospital Oendaanstraat, Aniem building in Embong Woengoe.

After Brigadier General Mallaby team has successfully land in Tanjung Perak Harbour on 25 Octobers 1945, this building mastered by Sekutu team. On 28-30 Octobers 1945 buildings is in besieging by Indonesia combatants.

This tan building with two floors is still seen steady. At this one's post is felt cold because it has good ventilation system with door and window is height design. This building is face easterly toward Jembatan Merah Against Monument (Mayangkara Monument).

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