Orchid Market Darmo Satelit Surabaya : The Education and Agro Business Tourism

Orchid Market in Darmo Satelit Surabaya area had stood since August 2005. It has been 7 gardeners who merged into Surabaya Orchid Society such as; Renny Orchid, Foresta Orchid, Bale Air, Nona Orchid. The Jasa Marga Area is managed with rent per month system. Strategic location because is located in front of Darmo highway door and luxuriant housing area.

Here is sold various orchid types, start from Dendrobium sp., Cattleya sp., Oncidium sp, and Cymbidium sp. which is symposia orchid type in general have epiphyte character. While monopodium orchid type is orchid being distinguished by growing point which there is in tip of bar, pertumbuhann of straight to the above of by one bars like Vanda sp., Arachnis sp., Renanthera sp., Phalaenopsis sp., and Aranthera sp.

Besides, in this area also stand up some restaurants, which are representative enough for family and also to serve the business relationship. The cold situation with its wide view that is decorated various beautiful plantations.

Plant orchid media is also sold here like fern, coconut fiber, charcoal, and wood’s powder, accompanied by critical fraction mixture or brick. Leaf ornamental plant agloenema, adenium, palm type, euphorbia of orchid in bottle. Orchid price is range about 25000 –- 300000 rupiahs.

Generally, orchid conduct has require a temperature about 28° C so it need pollinate roof if it put down in open place. But the high temperature can caused dehydration, which can pursue plant growth.

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