Bungkul Park

Bungkul Park is one of open green area and pledge culture artifact. The existence of Bungkul Park that encircled by trees and green grass bring big benefits to reduce air pollution and also as social environment in vicinity.

Around the park, there is Mbah Bungkul grave, the pioneer of the name. According to GH Von Faber, Bungkul funeral Complex had been there since the Hindu era. The grave arch and fence shows Java Hindu architecture style from Majapahit era. The Graves were resided around year of 1930, far before Islam came into Java Island.

Since Dutch colonial era, the existence of Bungkul Park was defended by the government of town. The location of Bungkul Park that resides in the middle of Dutch real estate can be seen as a respect of the urban planners at that time.

At the west side of the Grave, there is an open space which usually used for various events in Surabaya publics, like sport, artistry, campaign and others. The area around Mbah Bungkul grave is also crowded by food and beverage merchants. Therefore, Bungkul Park is expected to be the ideal city park.

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