Gubeng Station

Surabaya Gubeng Station (SGU) is the railway station, which located in Gubeng Masjid Street, Gubeng District, Surabaya City and among of PT Kereta Api (Company) Operation Area VIII. This station is the biggest railway station in Surabaya and as a place of main departure of all railways from Surabaya city (except the train which is passing north line, like majors Jakarta via Semarang, that ridden away from Surabaya Pasar Turi Station).

Here, a public facility has enough adequate that is accompanied with station ichnography board. From the center ticket order, toilet, kiosk, openness balmy waiting room until small mosque. Capacities car park to stay in east side can accommodate about 100 cars. After passing ticket examiner officer, hence we would amuse by bouncing movement of a local band song in the waiting room.

Surabaya Gubeng Station is first time built in west side of railway. At mid of 1990 decade, the new building Surabaya Gubeng Station is built in east side of railway with more broader and modernly architecture.

To all train passengers that requiring freight energy (porter) the station administrator have managed it. They are easy to be recognized because they wear special uniform. There is departure schedule stock watcher and arrival that accompanied with the train tariff in front of the station lobby. It is expected by all consumers to get clear information so that for they, which will have far travel even with big family can properly constructed.

Some trains that has departure from Surabaya Gubeng Station

Executive Class
1.  Argo Wilis to Bandung,
2.  Bima to Gambir.
3.  Turangga to Bandung

Executive and Business Class:
1.  Mutiara Timur to Banyuwangi and continued to Denpasar.
2.  Sancaka to Yogyakarta.

Business Class:
1.  Cantik Ekspress to Jember.
2.  Jayabaya Selatan to Jakarta city.
3.  Mutiara Selatan to Bandung.



Economics Class:
1. Delta Ekspress (known as commuter train Surabaya-Sidoarjo)
2.  Gayabaru Malam Selatan (to Jakarta city)
3.  Logawa
4.  Pasundan
5.  Penataran (to Malang and Blitar)
6.  Rapih Dhoho (to Kertosono)
7.  Sri Tanjung (to Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta, or to Banyuwangi)

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