Bratang Flower Market

Initially, Batang Flower Market was a farm, an alternative place to buy flowers other than five-flower merchant that coming from Kayun/Kayoon Flower Market. Since 1990s the flower merchants crowded the place, covering 2400 m2 area, at west side of Bratang Market.

There was more than 200 stands that owned by 65 merchants. Now the flower market is open daily. It is really a pleasure for those who reside there, because they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the leaf green and variation of flowers. Bratang Flower Market is well known for the friendly service. The comforts of buyers is really emphasized a by the merchants. It is expected that the visitors are comfortable and happy during their shopping there. Bratang Flower Market opens 24 hours. The location is very strategic because it is near the Bratang terminal.

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