Al-Akbar National Mosque

Al-Akbar Mosque or better known as the Great Surabaya Mosque or Masjid Agung Surabaya is the second biggest mosque in Indonesia. With modern and unique style, it resides in south Surabaya region, precisely at Pagesangan, and it close to turnpike Surabaya - Gempol. By the strategic location, it makes easily accessible by visitors from various areas, outside Surabaya.

Al-Akbar Mosque Surabaya complex covers an 11, 2 hectares area, with its 28.509 square meters building. The unique point of the building lays in the unique dome design, like lamellar structure with combination of blue and green color. It has a main building and two direct entrances from other buildings to main building. It also has a tower equipped with a lift that opened for the public. From this tower we can enjoy the view of beautiful Surabaya city, especially at nighttime. This mosque is opened on 10 November 2000 by president RI Abdul Rachman Wachid. A small market is held every Sunday morning around the mosque, which is quite crowded by visitors.

How to Get There
Al-Akbar Mosque located in Pagesangan area, Masjid Al-Akbar Timur No.1 street, Surabaya, lies on the edge of turnpike Surabaya – Malang makes Al-Akbar Mosque as Landmark Surabaya city that welcomes anyone who comes to Surabaya from the direction Juanda International Airport.

Where to Stay
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