Watu Lawang Hill in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province

One of the motives for visiting Nganjuk Regency is definitely the trekking opportunity. Nature lovers and those who love outdoor activities should visit the region, therefore. So, where should tourists visit first? It can be as simple as Watu Lawang Hill at Sawahan Sub-District. The exact location is in Ngliman Village and it resides near to many famous waterfalls Singokromo, Gedangan, and Sendang Wilis. As for tourist activities, the best thing to do is indeed either sightseeing or trekking. However, people also visit it to enjoy waterfall hopping and natural exploration. Here is further discussion about the site.

The Nuance
Watu Lawang Hill is located on Ngliman Mountain, so it comes with an amazing nuance. The air is fresh and the natural panoramas are splendid. Mountain views and lush trees make the trip more comfortable. The best thing is about the route. It is quite easy due to the presence of a well-built pathway. Along the way to the top of the hill, tourists may see neat rocks, trees, and other natural attractions too. In fact, tourists would find terraced waterfalls in that area!

Exploring Watu Lawang Hill
The prime reason for visiting Watu Lawang Hill is indeed to explore nature. That means hiking and trekking are quite common there. Along the way to the top of the hill, visitors are able to witness various types of panoramas including rivers, local farms, hilly landscapes, etc. For those coming early in the morning, in fact, they may see the thick fog that surrounds the route. As the day gets brighter, the warm sunray hits the skin in a soothing way. What about coming at noon? Have no worries. The presence of shady trees protects visitors from the heat of the sun.

From the trekking point, tourists must take about 300 meters in order to reach the top of Watu Lawang Hill. The route and pathway are considered new and it features nice arranged stones on the sides. According to the locals, the purpose is to strengthen the land and avoid a landslide. Along the way to the destination (while trekking), tourists would be able to enjoy numerous types of scenery too. The most interesting one is the formation of exotic waterfalls.

Once arriving on the top of the hill, the breezy wind welcomes tourists. The west view is the lush forest with its tall green trees. Not to mention local villages are also seen there. In the east, the view of pine forest resides beautifully. Those trees grow in a neat manner, as well. In the south, those stunning waterfalls can be seen clearly. One of them is called Sedudo.

Nearby Attractions

  • Singokromo Waterfall
  • Sedudo Waterfall
  • Gedangan Waterfall
  • Sri Gunting Waterfall

How to Get There
From the capital of East Java Province (Surabaya City), a trip to Nganjuk Regency would take around 2 hours and 3 minutes and the distance is 112 km. For a faster trip, tourists must take Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway first. Next, they need to take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway and head to Nganjuk right away. After arriving at the destination, tourists can simply take Sedudo Street and head to Watu Lawang comfortably. This trip may take around 1 hour, as the distance is 31.4 km.

Where to Stay

  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Selopanggung Hotel
  • Djaya Hotel

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