Petung Ulung Tubing Adventure in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province

The majority of tourists are likely to choose natural attractions instead of modern vacation facilities. It is because they want to get close to nature and enjoy the refreshing ambiance. In Nganjuk Regency, in this case, there is a good destination called Petung Ulung Village. This location is known for its river tubing. Tourists only need to reach Sawahan Sub-District and head to the village right away. Well, as mentioned before, the prime tourist activity would be river tubing. This extreme and fun sport would satisfy everyone, including beginners and experienced people for sure.

The Nuance
The nuance is definitely refreshing. It is because the village has many natural attractions or features. These include the river itself, lush trees, rural ambiance, and much more. The river has various currents, so tourists won’t feel bored when tubing. The river has many rocks, though. This makes the activity more challenging for everyone. Have no worries. The site comes with an instructor. That means even beginners are able to enjoy tubing in a safe manner. Not to mention several staffs await in some spots of the river for supervising.

Exploring Petung Ulung Tubing Adventure
As the name suggests, river tubing uses an inner tire to explore the river. That means it can only accommodate one person per tube. Have no worries. The management has many supplies, so everyone would be able to get one. Not to mention they employ some instructors to guide the guests (especially related to the safety). During a weekend or holidays, however, some people need to queue. They can simply sit and wait at the available huts while enjoying the atmosphere.

Before getting in the river, tourists should wear safety gears including a helmet and life jacket. The instructor would give brief information regarding the safety, as well, during the preparation. Once getting in the river, the adrenaline rush hits right away. It is because the current feel so strong! This is why river tubing is different than rafting. Everyone would conquer the river alone instead of in a group, after all. Most of the times, tourists would feel the rough rocks and river stones too.

For the information, the river has various types of rapids. Some of them are winding while others are wavy. No wonder river tubing feels both challenging and fun here. As for the length, most of the cascades are short and comfy. The best thing is tourists are also able to witness beautiful natural panoramas while enjoying river tubing. These include local farms and forests.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kweden River Park
  • Batu Hill
  • Batu Songgong Hill
  • Sumbermanik Waterfall

How to Get There
The first destination is Nganjuk Regency. If tourists come from Surabaya City, they would spend about 2 hours and 3 minutes. It is because the distance is 112 km. First, they should take Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. The next route to take would be Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. After reaching the downtown, tourists must take Raya Kediri – Nganjuk Street and head to Petung Ulung Village. This trip would take about 31 minutes, as the distance is 18.9 km.

Where to Stay

  • Istana Hotel
  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Djaya Hotel

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