The History Of Ngetos Temple

Ngetos Temple - Nganjuk

Ngetos Temple

Candi Ngetos located at Ngetos village, Ngetos district about 5 kilometers to the south of Nganjuk town. There is an inheritance from the year of 859 Saka or 937 Masehi. This inheritance was made from the red bricks. On that place, Anjuk Ladang, the ancient inscription was also found. Near to this place, there is an historical ancient inheritance that was known by Candi Ngetos. According to the historian, based on that temple form, this temple has made in XV century (Majapahit era). Phisically, this temple has broken and it can not identify anymore. It leave the main of the temple, that has four relief.

This temple is believed as Hayam Wuruk (the famous King of Mojopahit) grave. At that time, he want to be buried in a place which stay in front of the Wilis mountain. This area is one of Mojopahit part. Then Hayam Wuruk has an idea and asked his uncle (the King of wind) named Raden Condromowo and titled Raden Ngabei Selopurwoto, to built the temple. He also asked his uncle to buried him in this temple if he had die. The society around also believe that in Ngetos, there was twin temple and called Tajum temple. But one of them was bigger than the other. It was said that the Hayam Wuruk grave was in the temple that was gone.

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