Majapahit Temple and statue has been rediscovered in Nganjuk



At the end of January 2016 ago, building temples like and three ancient statues have been found at excavation site that belonged to Nurul Wakhid (50) in the village of Banjarsari, District Ngronggot, Nganjuk, East Java.

Buildings with a length of 2.7 meters, 2.1 meters wide and 1.7 meters high, is made of red bricks. Looking at the shape that similar to temple, the building is allegedly made during the Majapahit Kingdom that was used as a place of worship at the time.  The people discovering at the center of the building, there is an entrance door, as well as three statues, including the statue of the goddess Parvati, the statue of Lord Vishnu, and the other statues.

Department of Culture and Tourism Nganjuk explained, the discovery of similar to temple buildings, together with the statues begin when the three diggers are at work digging the land for sale.

Unexpectedly, while digging at a depth of two meters, their hoe finding on a hard object in the form of bricks. After being examined and explored in more depth, that hard object  was not the ordinary brick, but a temple-like structure.

Following these findings, the Department of Culture and the Regional Tourism of Nganjuk has been reported to the Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall (BP3) in Trowulan for further research and this time, the location of the discovery has been secured by the related parties


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